Videoing Concerts

If you’ve been to a concert recentely you’re bound to have noticed someone waving their smartphone in the air recording the concert. If you’ve searched under an artist’s name on YouTube, you’ve probably come across the results of this. Now for some unknown reason, some fans think they’re entitled to be doing this and can get quite defensive if the video they have posted to YouTube is removed.  The fact is that fans do not have the right to be videoing concerts and on the reverse of every ticket I’ve ever bought is a notice that says that video recording is prohibited. At some concerts there has also been noticed displayed on the big screens at the start of the show and you’d have to be fairly stupid to miss them. Despite this, people still try to video the shows although it seems daft to pay all that money to go to a show and then spend the majority of it watching it through a smartphone or a camera screen. If you’re happy to watch your favourite artists through a screen then why not stay at home and do that?
I appreciate that some people might want to video a concert so they can have something to look back on in the future but judging by some of the videos I’ve seen on YouTube of the shows I have been to, these recordings do not do the performance justice. In some cases you can barely see the artist because it is recorded from so far back in the arena and in some cases you can barely hear them because of all the distortion or the sounds of the other audience members singing along. Personally, I don’t blame artists for wanting these videos removed from YouTube because after all, what artist doesn’t want their work to be seen at its best?