Las Vegas

Last week Meat Loaf finally released details for his upcoming residency in Las Vegas. For six weeks, he will be playing a series of very special shows in a small theatre at Planet Hollywood. As these shows are taking place in Las Vegas there is an ‘Entertainment Tax’ which pushes the prices of the tickets up. I thought I’d see a few people posting that they couldn’t afford to go but I really wasn’t expecting to see quite as many complaints from people that clearly weren’t reading that there was a number of different ticket types available.

The cheapest of these tickets is $94.85 including these taxes and that works out at about £61.80 and considering the fact that this is such a special show and such a small, intimate venue I don’t think that’s a bad price at all. I paid £65 (about $98 USD) PLUS FEES to sit in the second from back row in a large, impersonal venue that seats 16,000.

I’d have loved to have been able to go to these shows but I’d spent everything I had in my ‘Concert Fund’ on the Last at Bat tour so I just don’t have the money to do it. I’m disappointed not to be there for such a special show but I made what I believed to be the right decision at the time.  There’s nothing I can do about not being able to go and I know that dwelling on it will only make it worse.

You can tell by reading what Meat has said in interviews about this show that he is excited about it and by the sounds of it, the show will play on his strengths and talents brilliantly. I genuinely hope that it will be a success for him as I know he’ll have worked extremely hard on putting the show together.