My Experience of General Admission

This weekend I had my first experience of a General Admission standing show which I had up until recentely refused to do but given the fact that this may have been my last chance to see my favourite singer in concert in this country, how could I say no.

The idea with General Admission is that there is no reservable seating so it’s a case of First-Come-First-Served to get the best spots for the show and because of that, we pretty much went to the stage area as soon as we arrived. My friends and I had purchased Golden Circle tickets so that gave us an additional advantage and thankfully we arrived early enough to secure a space at the very front which would mean a great view of the show. The downside of this is that once you’ve got your space, you don’t really want to give it up but thankfully the other fans at the barrier were friendly and we held each others spaces if needed. It seeemed strange waiting in the rain for a concert but it didn’t seem to drag as much as I thought it would. About an hour before the concert the Golden Circle started to fill up and it was at that point that I realised that I was pretty much stuck where I was unless I wanted to end up at the back of this area. There wasn’t the pushing and shoving that I imagined through the concert although you definately have less personal space than you would at a seated show and that made it more difficult to bend down to pick up the camera batteries from my bag when they ran out during the show. The only occasion when there was any pushing was after the show finished and people were starting to file out of the Golden Circle Area. A rather rude individual decided to push his way to the front in the hope of getting a guitar pick and shoved me out of the way but ended up being the recipient of a rather sharp elbow in the ribs in return. He didn’t get a guitar pick either!

Would I do a General Admission show again? I’d still avoid it if I could and there’s probably only one artist that I’d be willing to do it for and at the moment it’s unlikely that I will ever get the chance to see him again.