Tour Documentaries

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past few weeks, you’ll probably be aware of a little film called ‘This Is Us’ which follows British boyband One Direction on tour. There has been advertisements on TV and their premiere, which attracted th0usands of happy fangirls made the news. I’m not a One Direction fan but from the trailers for the film, it looks like a fairly fun and light hearted documentary and I’m sure that One Direction’s fans will enjoy the chance to get a closer look at their idols as they are on tour.
There has been several different tour documentaries in the past and like the One Direction film, they’re a fairly fun and lighthearted film for the fans to watch and enjoy but it is at this point when my attention focuses on another film called ‘In Search of Paradise’. The 2007 film follows American rock singer Meat Loaf as he embarks on a Canadian tour. Unlike how ‘This Is Us’ appears, ‘In Search Of Paradise’ is a realistic but rather depressing watch. Moments of fun are infrequent and brief and Meat Loaf spends much of the film either complaining or worrying.

Is this approach to a tour documentary the realistic approach that fans want to see or do they want to see something that gives them some hope that they are going to be in for a fun and entertaining evening when they themselves are able to go to a concert? The first time I watched this, it actually made me question whether I wanted to go to a show of an artist who clearly wasn’t getting much enjoyment out of giving concert but on the other hand, did I want to see something that over-glamourised the tour process?