I no longer have the same concert fund that I used to have – because I spent it on concerts strangely enough! So that means that I have less money available to spend on them when they do come up and recently all four of the artists I have followed or would like to to see in concert have announced that they are planning shows or have released the tickets for sale already. To cut a long story short, I can’t afford to travel to see the three of them and still have any money left over to be able to see the other one in the very special show that he has planned for next year. One of the three’s tickets are still affordable (under £40) and because she is performing in Bournemouth, I decided several months ago that I’d go and see her and rumour has it that she may not be back on tour here for a while as well. The other two recently released tickets for sale and both were over £60 at the cheapest prices and neither were performing near enough to me that I’d be able to get away with not paying for a hotel room and a rather pricey train fare. It was disappointing but something had to be done and so I decided that the best thing to do would be to concentrate all my efforts on making the most of seeing one artist rather than try to see them all and end up disappointed when my bank balance says no.
How do you choose who that artist should be though? There was only one who was really only a maybe anyway because I don’t think he was as vocally strong as he used to be. The second I’d never seen before but the frontman, who some say made the band what it was died years ago. Could I justify spending that kind of money to hear half the group that they were in their prime. The answer ended up being no.
The third I already had tickets for but she is young enough to still have a career in front of her and thus more opportunities to see her in concert than some of the others. It is for that reason that I decided that for the moment she would not be my primary focus. I will have seen her four times and my focus could very well return to her when my ‘chosen one’ has drawn a close to his live performing days.
That brings me to the ‘chosen one’. What was it about him that led me to choose him in the first place? I have seen him seven times and although his tickets aren’t as cheap as the lady who was my second choice, he gives value for money. He gives everything he has to giving his fans a great show, he has consideration and gratitude for his fans in general. Whilst his tickets may not be the cheapest out there, his VIP ticket packages are one of the cheapest and he is so warm and friendly to those he meets that you just can’t help but like him as a person.

Occasionally I’ll ask myself if I’ve picked the right one, particularly with the advertising for the others and the ‘chosen one’ being quiet in comparison but then I’ll listen to a live album or watch a DVD and I’ll know that I made the right choice.