I wanted a pretty fansite

For anyone that has known me a while, I’ve made no secret of my liking for pretty fansites. I wouldn’t normally be coming across them but every so often I’ll look at other fansites to see what sort of content they offer and I’m nearly always distracted by the design.
As a female designer, I suppose it’s only natural that occasionally I might have a yearning for pretty but I’m at a disadvantage. The subject of my site is male and cute pink flowers just aren’t going to work. I could change my subject matter but there is no other possible subject matter that I have the same respect and admiration for than I do with Meat.
I’m not one to give up on finding alternatives to the prettiness and as The Iconic Meat Loaf was currently using a very dark theme, I decided that it was worth looking at how I could lighten it up a little bit.
I spent biggest part of the morning experimenting with the photographs for the header before the rest of the theme began to take shape and even after i’d done that and tested it on the live site, there was still edits to do.

Here’s the finished design: