I no longer have the same concert fund that I used to have – because I spent it on concerts strangely enough! So that means that I have less money available to spend on them when they do come up and recently all four of the artists I have followed or would like to to see in concert have announced that they are planning shows or have released the tickets for sale already. To cut a long story short, I can’t afford to travel to see the three of them and still have any money left over to be able to see the other one in the very special show that he has planned for next year. One of the three’s tickets are still affordable (under £40) and because she is performing in Bournemouth, I decided several months ago that I’d go and see her and rumour has it that she may not be back on tour here for a while as well. The other two recently released tickets for sale and both were over £60 at the cheapest prices and neither were performing near enough to me that I’d be able to get away with not paying for a hotel room and a rather pricey train fare. It was disappointing but something had to be done and so I decided that the best thing to do would be to concentrate all my efforts on making the most of seeing one artist rather than try to see them all and end up disappointed when my bank balance says no.
How do you choose who that artist should be though? There was only one who was really only a maybe anyway because I don’t think he was as vocally strong as he used to be. The second I’d never seen before but the frontman, who some say made the band what it was died years ago. Could I justify spending that kind of money to hear half the group that they were in their prime. The answer ended up being no.
The third I already had tickets for but she is young enough to still have a career in front of her and thus more opportunities to see her in concert than some of the others. It is for that reason that I decided that for the moment she would not be my primary focus. I will have seen her four times and my focus could very well return to her when my ‘chosen one’ has drawn a close to his live performing days.
That brings me to the ‘chosen one’. What was it about him that led me to choose him in the first place? I have seen him seven times and although his tickets aren’t as cheap as the lady who was my second choice, he gives value for money. He gives everything he has to giving his fans a great show, he has consideration and gratitude for his fans in general. Whilst his tickets may not be the cheapest out there, his VIP ticket packages are one of the cheapest and he is so warm and friendly to those he meets that you just can’t help but like him as a person.

Occasionally I’ll ask myself if I’ve picked the right one, particularly with the advertising for the others and the ‘chosen one’ being quiet in comparison but then I’ll listen to a live album or watch a DVD and I’ll know that I made the right choice.


Favourite Concert/Show Leaderboard

  1. Meat Loaf – Hang Cool Tour – 5th December 2010
  2. Imelda May – Tribal Tour – 18th November 2014
  3. Imelda May – Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival – 9th March 2014
  4. Meat Loaf – Last At Bat Tour (Newbury) – 17th August 2013
  5. Meat Loaf – Last At Bat Tour (Cardiff) – 21st April 2013
  6. Meat Loaf – Last At Bat Tour (London) – 10th April 2013
  7. Imelda May – Mayhem Tour – Feb 2011
  8. Ronan Keating – Time of My Life Tour – 9th September 2016
  9. Meat Loaf – Last At Bat Tour (Nottingham) – 20th May 2013
  10. Meat Loaf – Last at Bat Tour (Birmingham) – 12th April 2013
  11. Steps – The Ultimate Tour (Westonbirt) – 2012
  12. The Big Reunion – The Tour – 10th May 2013
  13. Snow Patrol – A Hundred Million Suns – 11th March 2009
  14. Imelda May – Life, Love, Flesh, Blood Tour – 19th May 2017
  15. Meat Loaf – Last At Bat Tour (Sheffield) -19th April 2013
  16. Neil Diamond – Home Before Dark – June 2011
  17. Steps – The Ultimate Tour (Birmingham) – 25th April 2012
  18. Scouting For Girls – 17th November 2013

Las Vegas

Last week Meat Loaf finally released details for his upcoming residency in Las Vegas. For six weeks, he will be playing a series of very special shows in a small theatre at Planet Hollywood. As these shows are taking place in Las Vegas there is an ‘Entertainment Tax’ which pushes the prices of the tickets up. I thought I’d see a few people posting that they couldn’t afford to go but I really wasn’t expecting to see quite as many complaints from people that clearly weren’t reading that there was a number of different ticket types available.

The cheapest of these tickets is $94.85 including these taxes and that works out at about £61.80 and considering the fact that this is such a special show and such a small, intimate venue I don’t think that’s a bad price at all. I paid £65 (about $98 USD) PLUS FEES to sit in the second from back row in a large, impersonal venue that seats 16,000.

I’d have loved to have been able to go to these shows but I’d spent everything I had in my ‘Concert Fund’ on the Last at Bat tour so I just don’t have the money to do it. I’m disappointed not to be there for such a special show but I made what I believed to be the right decision at the time.  There’s nothing I can do about not being able to go and I know that dwelling on it will only make it worse.

You can tell by reading what Meat has said in interviews about this show that he is excited about it and by the sounds of it, the show will play on his strengths and talents brilliantly. I genuinely hope that it will be a success for him as I know he’ll have worked extremely hard on putting the show together.

Missing Manchester

Two of the six shows that I was supposed to attend in April were rescheduled due to illness within the band. We were told the date of the rescheduled Nottingham show that day so I made arrangements to be able to get up there, not thinking that the following show would also end up being postponed too. It was and was rescheduled for 25th May. I knew as soon as I heard the date that going to that show would be out of the question as I’d already asked a favour to have been able to have made it up to the Nottingham show.
I was so disappointed that for me, one of the shows that I had been looking forward to for several months was as good as cancelled. Not only would I be missing the show but I was reading about plans for a get together in Hard Rock Cafe with other fans too.
I hated to be doing it but I managed to sell the Manchester ticket on to another fan who wanted to go to the show so I didn’t lose out on too much money although that was gobbled up quickly in the additional expenses needed to get up to Nottingham again.

I went through pretty much everything over missing that show. From just simply wishing I could be there to the envy that led to my comment about wishing I’d have gone to Manchester instead of Nottingham. I’m ashamed that I allowed myself to get to that point because it shouldn’t have done. Short of jeopardising my job, there was NO WAY that I was going to that show and the way I dealt with it didn’t succeed in anything other than making matters worse.



When I first heard that my favourite artist was doing a show at Newbury Racecourse I got quite excited. After all, what fan wouldn’t be excited at another opportunity to see their favourite artist again? My excitement was short lived (for a while) as I found out that getting the time off work could be difficult. I was disappointed, given the fact that I’d be missing the rescheduled Manchester show too but I was a bit more accepting of missing out on this one. I think it was because I still had a small amount of hope that I might be able to go if I could find someone who was willing to swap with me. It turns out that I was right in holding on to that hope because I discovered that someone else at work was looking to swap a shift in that same week.
I had to wait two weeks for an answer because of my time off sick but upon my return I was given the news I was waiting for and I was able to get the day of the show off work.
I was over the moon and bought my ticket as soon as I got in that evening. The standard tickets weren’t badly priced at £35 but I went for the Golden Circle ticket which would give me a better position to see the show that I was going to Newbury for in the first place. They were almost double the price but I stuck it on the credit card that has seen more use this year than ever and began to look forward to the show.
One of the things that was on my mind fairly early on was the outfit I was going to wear. This wasn’t just an arena show, this was Newbury Racecourse and it would be Ladies Day so I thought I’d make the most of the opportunity to dress up. I had a dress in mind and all I needed to buy was some shoes and a fascinator or a hat of some sort (I love hats). It didn’t cross my mind that the dress I was planning to wear wouldn’t fit so now I’m back to the drawing board with that.
I still want a nice dress to wear but so far I haven’t found quite the right one. Everything is either too casual, too short or too black. I’m going to Bristol next week so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I find something there. If not I might have to resign myself to not dressing up.

A reply from LiveNation

I actually wrote to Livenation the other day asking them why there are so few dates in the south of the UK on an upcoming tour. I didn’t actualy think I’d get a response from them but I heard from them yesterday.
They told me that locations played on tour depend on a number of factors and that includes the availability of the artist and the availability of the venue. This was pretty much the response I was expecting although it’s a pretty lame excuse because they can’t honestly expect me to believe that there are no arenas in the south of the UK that are available between those few weeks in April. In fact I KNOW that’s a lie because I looked at the calendar for some of the venues I know of and they don’t have shows scheduled for every evening within those few weeks. What Livenation really meant was that there is no availability at the arenas that THEY would consider using.

They also told me that they look at the attendance of shows and the distance travelled when deciding on where an artist should play. Therefore by buying tickets to these northern places, I’ve actually shown them that some people will travel regardless and really not helping to convince them that they should have scheduled more dates in the south.

I mentioned this on my Facebook and was pretty much told that the only one who would lose out by my boycotting of northern shows would be me. After all, what difference does one measly fan make to a big company like Livenation?

Because I mentioned that I was going to six shows on this particular tour they did thank me for being such a dedicated fan? Yeah right, they’re thanking me for giving them a fair sum of my hard earned cash. What do they care about the kind of fan that I actually am?

Upcoming Concerts

I’m quite glad I didn’t go mad and buy the mac computer because it has meant that I’ve been able to get to several Meat Loaf concerts in April and as it’s suppsed to be his last big tour of the UK, there was no other option BUT to make the most of it.

Ideally I’d have liked to have had the onsale date off work so I could take time to look around the various ticket sites to get the best seats but there wasn’t much notice to be able to do that so I had to do what I could in my break at work. I’ve never been more thankful to have an iPad because that would have meant carrying my laptop on the train which would have made things more difficult.

I already knew I had my o2 ticket as a friend had got that for me on the presale but now it was down to me. Rather than risk a worse ticket, I took what was given to me and I figured that I could have a look to see if I could get anything closer nearer the time. So far I’ve not done too badly and have managed to better two of the shows.

So this is what I ended up with:

London 02 – Block A2, Row L
Birmingham LG Arena – Block B, Row A (Meet and Greet Package)
Nottingham Capital FM Arena – Block FBA, Row L
Manchester MEN Arena – Block D, Row B
Manchester MEN Arena – Block F, Row M (SOLD)
Sheffield Motorpoint Arena – Block C, Row 7
Sheffield Motorpoint Arena – Block B, Row 22 (SOLD)
Cardiff Motorpoint Arena – Block 2, Row 1 (Meet and Greet Package)

I might also have a Block C, Row 5 ticket for Sheffield but I’m not going to sell my Row 7 Seat until I have the ticket in hand.